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How we groom

When your dog arrives in the morning for grooming, there are several stages in the process. She will be gently cared for to have as stree-free experience as possible.

This is Kasey - she is a Westie. She was sweet enough to be our model.
First she is preped on the grooming table - which consists of doing the nails, shaving the footpads, the unders and rectum. We also pull the hair out of the ears and remove any excess hair to get her cleaner in the bath.

Next, Kasey is taken to the bath where her anal glands are expressed, ears are cleaned, her teeth get brushed if needed, and, of course, she gets her bath.

Then Kasey gets towel dryed to get most of the water off and gets a break.
She is put in a kenel to dry with semi-warm air blowing on her.

Once Kasey is dry and the tangles are brushed, she goes to the groomer's table again to be styled and finished.

Finally Kasey looks beautiful and is placed back into the kennel to patiently wait for Mom and Dad.